Valentine’s Day Candlelight Date Night

ChampagneStart your evening off with us, paint a piece of pottery by candlelight while sharing a bottle of sparkling wine and a plate of assorted cheese & chocolate.  Enjoy a romantic, creative time . . . . then continue your evening at one of the many wonderful restaurants in the Pearl or NW 23rd!  Check out our calendar for more information!

NEARBY RESTAURANT suggestions for after painting dining!

North Pearl
Olympic Provisions *1632 NW Thurman***503-8948136
Justa Pasta***1316 NW 19th****503-243-2249
Bent Brick***1639 NW Marshall***503-668-1655

Pearl District
Irving Street Bistro*NW 13th Ave****503-227-1133
Paragon****605 NW 13th****503-833-5060
Park Kitchen***422 NW 8th Ave.****503-223-7275
Blue Hour***250 NW 13th****503-226-3394
Cafe Allora***504 NW 9th*****503-445-4612
Oba Restaurant**555 NW 12th****503-228-6161
Andina****1314 NW Glisan****503-228-9535
Touche****1425 NW Glisan****503-221-1150

21st & 23rd Ave.
Meriwether***2601 NW Vaughn****503-228-1250
Wildwood***2230 NW Pettygrove***503-225-0130
Serrato****2112 NW Kearney***503-221-1195
Paley’s Place***1204 NW 21st****503-243-2403
Jo Bar & Rotisserie*701 NW 23rd****503-222-0048

OPEN our regular hours Monday, 1/20/2014 10am-7pm

Looking for something to do this 3 day weekend?  Come paint & create!!  Get a jump on a heartfelt gift for your special Valentine!!

Parking on the street MONDAY is FREE!!  As always, the reserved parking spaces in the courtyard, are available to park after 5pm on week days and on the weekends!!

See you soon!

We are open our regular hours today, Sunday 1/12/14, Noon to Five pm.  Come over and create something beautiful!