Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Such a fun place to celebrate a birthday!

**Our parties are designed for children ages 5 & up. (Please contact us for ideas for the younger ones.)
**Party time is 90 minutes, giving the kids 60 minutes to paint & 30 minutes for cake & presents.
**Included in the package is a personalized birthday plate signed and/or fingerprinted by each guest, to commemorate the day.
**Choose from our selection of party packages listed below. Each child can choose ONE of the items in the party package you choose. We have found that the younger the child, the best choice is for them to paint the same item, except for the Party Animal package. Space is limited so we prefer there is a maximum of 4 “non-painters” We will provide all the fun, supplies, pottery piece, instruction, glazing & firing.
**Party size minimum is 8, maximum 20.
**You are welcome to bring cake, pizza, snacks & juice boxes. We do have a variety of drinks available for purchase.
**Enjoy your child’s special day and leave the mess to us!

MONOGRAM PLATE – We’ll adhere the first initial of each painter on a plate, once the plate is completely painted we’ll peel off the letter to reveal the initial in white! This is actually great for ages 2-92!
$20/per painter, $160/minimum party of 8   ***Most popular***

 BASIC – Salad plate, rice bowl, ice cream bowl, 10oz mug – Free personalization
$18/per painter, $144/per minimum party of 8

PARTY ANIMALS – Choose from an assortment of 4″ animals. Selection may vary depending on availability.
$16/per painter, $120/minimum party of 8    ***Very popular***

LITTLE PRINCESS – Hairbrush, cupcake box, dunk mug, cupcake bowl
$24/per painter, $192/minimum party of 8

BOYS WILL BE BOYS – Monster Bank, sneaker bank, skull bank, bug box
$24/per painter, $192/minimum party of 8

NOTE: If you want to be guaranteed certain pieces from the packages, be sure to book at least 2 weeks in advance, to ensure time for ordering.

All parties require a non-refundable deposit of $50 to reserve. This deposit applies to your balance on the day of your party. We also charge a $25 cleaning fee.

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